Is It Always Love at First Sight When You Have a Baby?

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Finding out that you’re going to have Bay Lake Rat Removal is an exciting feeling particularly if you’ve been trying so hard and for so long. You have a wide array of emotions that fills you with everything from joy to stress. All of these are natural emotions because your hormones will have a field day with your body during the next nine months.

You will feel the baby grow inside you. Each month you will discover something new and encounter a new milestone. The biggest milestone at first is when you feel your baby move for the first time. At first it will feel like little flutters or bubbles on your belly. Then you will feel solid moves in the kind of bumps against the wall of your uterus. The baby is moving their arms and legs.

You will find out whether you are having a boy or a girl. This will fill you with enthusiasm and you’ll have so many ideas about what the infant room will look like, what the title will be, and what type of person they will grow up to be. Life is exciting and new. You and your partner are looking forward to the arrival of the baby.

The newborn is given to you. Crying with all their might, the doctor hands him or her to you for a quick peak before they clean them up. You’re not certain what to feel. Many women do believe love at first sight and are overjoyed with seeing their little one. But there are many other women who don’t get this feeling at first sight and that is okay. They see their little one for the first time and, for some odd reason, they’re underwhelmed. After the long wait and the fertility treatments, you thought you’d feel differently. After the baby is cleaned and dressed, the nurses bring them to you. You may feel a crazy rush of feelings and you just want to cuddle and hold this tiny human that came out of you. If you don’t feel this, don’t be worried about it. Not every girl feels that love at first sight emotion. You know there is a connection but it’s not of undying love.

Over the next few days, the love will grow. And if you are breastfeeding, this emotion will grow stronger because of the amount hormones flowing through your body. An unconditional love for your little one will grow.

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