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It’s a big piece of equipment that stands tall, takes up quite a bit of space and has this long saw that runs vertically and unimaginably fast. It takes skill to handle and use Hewitt Wildlife Removal.

It’s not smart to use a band saw if you do not know how it works. A skilled butcher should train an apprentice at first before they could use it confidently. There is a lot that needs to be taken into consideration when using this butcher gear. The apprentice must comprehend the band saw structurally and learn how it works. Most large butcheries will have a floor standing band saw like the Butcherquip Floor Standing Band Saw. Such a unit would be quite large weighing at 220 kilograms and very tall at 1.8 metres. The blade is 2845 millimetres long and 16 millimetres wide, in addition to the blade moves up and down with immense speed. It has cast iron wheels and heavy duty scrapers on both wheels. The metal guides support the blades and the tension scraper assemblies maintain the blade free from debris.

The young apprentice must be taught the specific measurements of the band saw and have a fantastic sense of spatial awareness. The butcher must demonstrate the apprentice how the blade moves and the speed it moves it at. He must be shown and understand the way the metal guides and cast iron saw wheels operate. The movement of the machine must be analyzed and respected. At first, the apprentice must approach the band saw with wonderful care when putting a piece of meat onto the unit. With steady hands and slow movement he should move the meat closer to the blade, whilst maintaining his hands and fingers clear of the moving blade. Steadily, he must slide the meat through the blade.

Professional butchers have years of experience in regards to using band saws so that they have the ability to slice the meat quickly and effortlessly. They’re well aware of the capacity of the butchery equipment and they understand how dangerous it can be if they lose their sense of awareness when using it. When a butcher uses this machine, they must be one hundred percent focussed and not be distracted by anything whatsoever. Safety has to be practiced each time one of these machines is used.

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